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WE MOVED!!!!!!



Class A driver stats
Current point standings for Class A drivers.
DPRL-Yuckin-Fahoo>>>>>179 points
DPRL-Double-T>>>>>154 points
DPRL-Steve Kinser>>>>>149 points
DPRL-Gone>>>>>148 points
DPRL-Ricky-D>>>>>147 points

Symbol means Who got the most points this week...

Class B driver's stats
These are the current stats for the Class B drivers
DPRL-Seeker>>>>>>143 points
DPRL-Mud-King>>>>>129 points
DPRL-Road-Korpze>>>>>117 points
DPRL-Scheaffer>>>>>103 points
DPRL-Pee-Wee>>>>>87 points

Symbol means Who got the most points this week...

Class C drivers stats
Current point standings for Class C drivers.

DPRL-Mini-Mod>>>>>83 points
DPRL-Bird>>>>>>70 points
DPRL-Elvis>>>>>67 points
DPRL-Docster>>>>>42 points
DPRL-Hot-Shoe>>>>>38 points


Something NEW In the coming season !!!

The Steve Kinser, DPRL Site is going to have a major overhaul in the coming weeks.. This will be to better server the members of DPRL Racing League.. Some of the new stuff will include a password protected complaint board(for members only),A posting center to post little notes on the DPRL Site(like I wont be able to race tonite),A DPRL CHATROOM like dtr so that members can send files back and forth and just plain chat about things.. I will have a sign up center for people wanting to join league. People will be able to join throughout the season if they are worthy..And basically I am trying to make everything more professional.. SO look for the new changes that are coming.. Dont get frustrated if one day you come to the DPRL site and everything has changed, going to be a new and improved, working on it right
Next season,sounds like its a long time away, but it will be here before we know it... I will be starting something new for the league...
This new thing will be the following... One links from my page will bring you to a list that will have all the drivers names in the league and no points listed here. These names will be listed vertically on the page in the left hand column. In the right hand column there will be a place that will display the # of complaints each league members has from other league members.. You will get these complaints when people e-mail me and complain.. Each league member can make only one complaint against the same member in a given race season... Meaning this... If I ""stevekinser"" make a complaint against another member like ""SlammingSam"" I have made my complaint and I cant make another against him for the rest of the season.. If I want to complain about another league member I can, but again it will be only once against that person for the rest of the season... If a league members gets 3 complaints against them they will be removed from league for the rest of the race season, however if they have cleaned up there act the following race season they will be able to try out for league again providing there are positions availible in the league...
I want you all to know that this is serious.. If and when you make a complaint make sure you are JUST in making the complaint against another fellow league member... We are all here to have fun and get what points we can for the season, but we will not be doing this at the expense of another member... ALL THIS will be in affect in the coming race season only few weeks away, i thought it was a little late in the season now to do this... ANY QUESTIONS AT ALL MAIL ME...STEVE